Why Apps Get the Most of Our Time


ComScore shared a “major mobile milestone” in May — time spent in apps is now making up the bulk of time spent with digital media.  The breakdown is that some 60% of total digital media time is being spent on smartphones and tablets with about 85% of that time being spent on apps (so 51% of total digital media time is spent in apps).

That’s a lot of time in apps.

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  If you think about your own use of digital, there are a few activities that likely comprise the bulk of your time.  Things like email, Facebook, Google Maps, chat, Amazon, music, YouTube, etc. — these activities are probably 80% of your digital time.

If you listed your top 10 Internet-activities, I’d guess nine of them are tied to a specific brand or experience.

And it’s these nine that you’re going to want an app for.  Why?  Because the app is going to make your experience substantially faster and more efficient (or fun) when you’re on your mobile device — be it a tablet or a smartphone.

This seamless experience is about the constraints of mobile (short bursts of interaction) and intolerance for slow loading web pages or hard to navigate websites.

We seek out and need apps for the stuff that consumes our mobile time.  That mobile time is, otherwise, too inefficient and frustrating.

Isn’t it that simple?


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